Tuesday, May 03, 2011


FACT: In 1988, a TV show called "Mystery Science Theater 3000" was created.

FACT: In 1994, I discovered said show and fell in love with it.

FACT: In 1998, I discovered the internet for the first time.

FACT: In 2001, I discovered a trading post where you can trade episodes of the show. My love grew deeper.

FACT: In 2002, I discovered people like me were making their OWN MST3K shows, called "Fan videos". There was a huge underground movement and I wanted in.

FACT: In 2003, I created my own MST3K fan video, titled "B-Movie Central 5000". To those of you who watch "Jason Made A Video", this is where I created Cokie.

FACT: I did this fan video for 2 years, on and off. I've done 17 episodes, 3 holiday specials, and all-shorts special. A lot of my friends helped me on a few episodes with writing and performing.

FACT: This video right here is from 2005. The trailer was on the videotape of a movie I used for a BMC5K episode. I normally didn't tape/riff on the trailers but I wanted to test the audio/video cause I changed a few things and wanted to make sure it work. I ended up liking the outcome and kept it in the episode. Later, a friend would isolate this trailer for me and now here it is:

FACT: I stopped doing BMC5K in 2008 before I moved to Central Indiana and I haven't riffed since....

FACT: ...UNTIL NOW!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I will be putting "Jason Made A Video" on hiatus for this new endevor where I thurst myself back into the riffing world. Ladies and gentlemen, in 24 hours or less, I will be posting the debut episode of "Shortastic"!

What is "Shortastic"? "Shortastic" is a MST3K-style show where I (and Cokie) will be riffing on short films that I find on Youtube or other places. Many, if not all, the shorts will/should be public domain and the standard episode will be 10 minutes if not more. So all you anti-long video people out there, you'll just have to get over it.

FACT: This is the end of the post. See you guys tomorrow!


Madgestic said...
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Madgestic said...

You had me at that jaw-dropping typeface for 'The Forest'.

It's absolutely stunning to find out that there are fan-made videos by and for Mystery Science Theater fans out there. MST3000 changed my life (well, mainly it changed it from a life where I hadn't watched the glorious mess that is PUMAMAN to one where I had).

And I am seriously impressed you made such a fine version. Kudos.

Edit: Had to delete this comment and re-apply one with fewer typos :)