Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Shortastic Episode 1

"Let's Make A Sandwich (1950)"

Short: Back in the golden era (the 50's), people weren't as smart as they are today. Many different companies knew this so they set out to educate their stupid customers by teaching them how to do simple basic things, like making sandwiches. Here, a Gas Company hires two women (obviously the men are busy doing man things like golfing, bowling, or working) to stay in a kitchen all day and make a sandwich so full calories that it's a wonder everyone in the 50's just didn't drop dead. Actually, this sandwich is completely gross, which would explain the survival rate.

Opening: Jason introduces the show. Cokie isn't has excited.
Closing: Disgusted by the sandwhich in the short, Jason sets off to make his own sandwich, which might be even more gross?


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