Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shortastic Episode 2

"Dad, Can I Borrow The Car?" Part 1

Short: In one of the strangest shorts ever, Kurt Russell tells us that he loves cars and he's been obsessed with cars since he was born. He does all sorts of things involving driving, including taking a driving class, which doesn't work out too well. The images surrounding this include things David Lynch would come up with while high on every drug in the world.

Intro: Cokie wants Jason to learn how to drive and get a car, so he makes him watch the short.
Ending: Since the short is a bit long (I know, right?) it'll be split up into two parts and Jason teases us on what's to come in Part 2.



Nick said...

Haha... that was great. Even better than last week. Good pacing. A lot of good jokes. Kind of a slow start, but overall made me laugh quite a bit.

Jason Soto said...

Thanks, Nick!

The beginning (well the whole thing actually) is so full of WTF that I had a hard time thinking of stuff right away. Once it got to the "live action" stuff, the riffs were coming. Plus I took your advice and cut a lot more riffs out so everything flows better.