Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lair of the Unwanted #27: Randy Quaid's Guide To Being An Awesome Father

In this episode, Jason and Nolahn bring on Steve Honeywell from 1001Plus to discuss the cult classic "Parents" starring Randy Quaid. Also in this episode, we discuss kicking Steve's daughter out of the country, the 1001 Movies You NEED To See Before You Die, the lack of Chuck Norris on said list, and finally end with the debut of The Game of the Unwanted! How does Steve do? Only one way to find out!


SJHoneywell said... love?

Joel Burman said...

Very good episode guys. I got to say the new format is really starting to sink in and I like it! This episode feels kind of like the straight one compared to the Nolahn and Jason only one which is more goofy. However, I like that they are different like that.

The game of the unwanted is awesome but I thought you could only choose either 50/50 or Ask Nolahn?