Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Netflix Corner #14

This week's recommendation was the movie I reviewed this previous Thursday at Man, I Love Films and yes it is that awesome that I must recommend it. I'm talking about:

If you love found footage films and wanna see a different take on it, check this out!

And now...The Netflix Game! Last week's was a doozy. The medium, again, was up for grabs for over 24 hours, until Dylan came and swooped it up, after a couple of hints. Here's the updated scores!


And here are last week's answers:
Hard: A bunch of random scenes occur.-Kentucky Fried Movie
Medium: A bunch of random scenes revolve around a TV station.-Amazon Women on The Moon
Easy: A bunch of random scenes revolve around an experimental drug.-Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

Will this weeks be easier? Let's see!
Hard: A man lies to his parents about where he's been.
Medium: A kid has some misadventures in a hotel.
Easy: Don't do drugs, kids.

Good luck!


Nick said...

Easy - Requiem for a Dream

Medium - Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (or... Dunstan Checks In)

Dan Heaton said...

Medium: King of the Hill?

Jason Soto said...

Nick got the easy! Wrong on everything else.

Dan: Wrong.

Nick said...

I'm gonna laugh if this is right, but...

Medium: The Shining?

Jason Soto said...

Nick: start laughing cause it's "The Shining".

Nick said...


Dan said...

I really have no clue on the Hard. Did this happen in Jack (with Robin Williams)?

Jason Soto said...

Dan: Not sure, but it's not the answer.

Ok Hint time! 1998 film. Independent.

Nick said...


Jason Soto said...

Nick: Nope. It's probably not very well known but I LOVE this movie and I don't care.
(And no, it's not a horror movie. Or a B/Bad movie. Promise.)

Dan said...

Buffalo '66?

Jason Soto said...

DAN FOR THE MOTHERFUCKIN' WIN!! I was wondering if anyone would get it! Good job!

Dan said...

Yes! I haven't seen it in years, but I remember him having issues with his parents. Nice!

Dylan said...

Nice pull, Dan! Never pegged Jason for a Vincent Gallo fan.