Thursday, October 01, 2009

No Offense To Any Parents Out There

It's offically October and blogs are a-buzzin' with people writing about horror movies and whatnot. I'm not different (sorry) but I did come up with a neat little theme that I think you all will like!

Starting on Monday I and some friends of mine will be taking on horror movies with kids being all weird and creepy and stuff. Ohs jeah! Now if you, YES YOU!, are reading this and are saying "*sniff sniff* i wanna join in :(" then don't fret cause ANYBODY can join in! Yes! This blog is a communist or something. Or socialist? Capitalist? I dunno I take all my advice from some guy named Glenn Beck, is that a good idea?


If you wanna partake here's what you need to do/know:
1. Pick a BAD HORROR movie where there's some creepy/evil kid or kids doing evil and/or creepy things.
2. Let me know that you are doing this and what the film is.
3. If it's a film already taken I will let you know and you'll have to pick. This also goes for movies I already reviewed in the past.
4. You have to have it posted or sent to me anytime between Octover 5th and October 31st.
5. You can do more than 1 movie if you wish. I have a whole month to fill out, the more the better. I tried pimpin' this blog a thon around town but no one's took to it so far. I think I'm making my ho's too flashy or something. Again, I listen to Glenn Beck.*

That's it. I hope to hear from you guys! See you guys on Monday with my review of...oh you'll see.

*I really don't listen to Glenn Beck.


Wings said...

Hmmm... Does it have to be a movie?

Jason Soto said...

Well...I never considered doing a play or Broadway Musical before. I hear the Off-Brodway Musical Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Grudge" isn't all that great.

But books, however, might work. Depends, really.

elgringo said...

I'm in. I'm going to write a piece on the creepy little boy from Joe Dante's segment from the Twilight Zone movie. Yeah?

Fletch said...

I shall do a better job of pimping this. Can I call Joshua?

Jason Soto said...

Elgringo: Go for it! Let me know when you have it up!

Fletch: Awesome! And yes, Joshua you shall give a ring. I'm surprised you volunteered for this though, since you hate horror movies. But I'm glad you're in!

24 Hours to Midnight said...

New material only? Or can we hit the archives?

Jason Soto said...

Both is fine. If you wanna submit a link to an old post, and make a new one, that'd be neat. If not, just the link will do.

Fletch said...

I don't hate horror movies, I hate bad movies, and it just so happens that I think most horror movies are bad. :D

I've put up your banner in my promotion box. Post to come later.