Sunday, May 02, 2010

MAY I Tell You What's Happening This Month?

Get it? MAY I? Ha ha.


Ahhh, a new month. It's May. When the weather goes from somewhat cool to "oh my god, who turned the heat outside to 1000???". The very birthmonth of my lovely (and patient) fiancee (WISH HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOW!!!!) and when geese abort their eggs cause they're stupid. (The geese, not the eggs)

Anyway, after the Nightmare on Elm Street blog-a-thon I'm gonna be taking it easy for a week or so. Just actually, y'know, WATCH movies. But I do have some announcements:

1. I came up with this idea awhile ago. I was reading The Bargin Bin Review and noticed that Nolahn hadn't reviewed some movies yet. Granted, I'm sure he'll EVENTUALLY get to them (reviewing Bad Movies is a lifetime job, kinda like Santa Claus or Jacob on "Lost") but there are certain ones I think he should get to sooner than later. So I proposed this idea to him:
What if every month we challenge each other to review a movie that we seen and reviewed already but the other hasn't yet? Good idea, no? I threw this idea out to him and he said "Yes!" So starting this month we shall be presented "The Challenge"! This month's Challenge: Nolahn watches "Killjoy" and I watch "Wiseguys vs Zombies". This should be good. The only rule is we have to have the review up by the end of the month. So be on a lookout for that. And we shall link.

2. This month's episode of "The Lair of the Unwanted" should be another fun one. We have another special guest coming on, to talk about a subject they feel REALLY passionate about. I'm gonna let all of that stay in suspense. Although if you listened to April's episode, you should already know what the subject is.

3. I'm going be doing a huge major epic thing starting in June and going all SUMMER long. It's pretty majorly epic. I mean HUGELY majorly epic! Epically majorly huge!! Seriously.

4. My birthday is in June. I'll be turning 30. Expect me to go fucking insane.

That's it! See ya when I see ya!

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Fletch said...

Really looking forward to hearing who that special guest is.

You're gonna be 30? Damn! I thought you were younger than that. You're almost officially old now. :)