Monday, May 10, 2010

The Soto List: Mom Edition

This past Sunday was Mother's Day and after several confusing phone calls to different relatives, I finally called my Mom and we had a pleasant talk. After I got off the phone with her, I came on the internet and found a shitload of other people making lists about their Mom and stuff. So I figured "why the hell not?" This week's Soto List will be thusly Titled:
Top 8 Movies (And Two TV Shows) My Awesome Mom Introduced To Me! Aw yeah!

10. Overboard-Starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. I can literally quote this movie due to the number of times my Mom watched this while I was growing up. The story is pretty odd if you think about it too much. Kurt Russell is a Redneck-y handyman who's hired to work on Goldie Hawn's yacht. Goldie Hawn is a super bitchy rich chick who treats Russell like shit. One night, Goldie Hawn falls "overboard" (GET IT! GET IT!) and gets amnesia. Russell learns of this on the news and sets off for the strangest prank/revenge ever: convince Goldie Hawn she's his wife and make her do things like sleep on a couch and take care of his four rowdy boys!
This movie is a bit weird but it's pretty funny and it does have heart. The funniest thing has to be the four boys and how they act. If you haven't seen this, you totally should.

9. Foul Play-Starring Chevy Chase and...Goldie Hawn. Weird. Anyway. This is probably a lesser known film starring these two. But it's fuckin' hilarious. It's a weird conspiracy/mystery/comedy film. The plot is a bit convoluted. It involves the Pope, an albino, a horny Dudly Moore, two old ladies who use cuss words as Scrabble words, Burgess Meredith, and a snake. Just check it out.

8. The World According to Garp-Starring Robin Williams, Glenn Close, and John Lithgow. One of Robin Williams serious films. This tells the entire life story of one T.S Garp (Williams) and his relationship with his Mom (Close). Garp ends up being a novelist and...fucked up shit happens. Thinking back on it, my Mom was a bit weird letting me watch this. John Lithgow is a transvestite. Garp hates mute people (long story). The story on how Garp was concieved is fucked up enough.

7. The Warriors-Starring dudes and guy from "Xanadu". I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE! I actually remember the day my Mom introduced this movie to me. I was in the 6th grade and we were having some school fair thing. I saw a girl I had a crush on and I got the nerve to sort of ask her out at the fair thing. Not only did the girl reject me something fierce, I saw her kissing this other dude, who I couldn't stand to begin with. I came home, rejected, and my Mom just came back from the video store and she had "The Warriors". We sat down and watched it and I was just blown away by this story and it's awesomeness. I felt better and the following Monday I went to school with my head high and Joe Walsh's "In The City" running in my head.

6. A Whole Bunch of Alfred Hitchcock-My mom LOOOVED Hitchcock. She had a bunch of his movies on VHS. Including "Rear Window", "The Birds", "Strangers on a Train", "Psycho", "Rope", "Dial M For Murder", I could go on. My mom couldn't wait to show me Hitchcock films.

5. Star Wars-Granted, I probably would've seen this on my own in some way but my Mom bought the trilogy and on a Sunday we watched them all and my life was never the same way ever again.

4. The Wild, Wild West (TV Show)-Yes, before the apparently crappy Will Smith film (Yes, I haven't seen it yet, I know when to skip a bad movie...oh who am I kidding, I'll get to it sooner or later) there was this 1960's TV show. One day, my Mom turned on, I THINK, A&E and they had an ALL DAY Marathon of this show and it was fucking awesome! It was like a western but with futuristic gadgets. Oh man. Plus the villian Dr. Loveless is probably one of the greatest villians of all time. Honestly.

3. Quantum Leap
-If you know me, you know I loves me some Quantum Leap. My mom, who knew of my love of time-travel, said to me one day "Watch this show" and I did. And oh my god did I love it. I felt lucky enough to watch this show when it was NEW! God, I'm old.

2. Die Hard-Starring Bruce Willis. Yes, my Mom rented "Die Hard", sat down her 10-year-old son and let him watch it. I told you my Mom was awesome.

1. Bad Ronald-Oh what, you thought they all were mainstream movies? HA! Oh, Bad Ronald. This movie is wacky. So Ronald is a kid who's picked on all the time. He had a bad time at a party and on his way home he accidently kills a girl. Ronald goes home to his Mama, who's super overprotective of him. Instead of seeing his child go to jail, she hides Ronald in this homemade hiding space between the walls. Then the Mom dies and hilarity ensues. It's now available on DVD through Amazon so I highly recommend it. And it's only ironic I see this movie with my Mom. I wonder if she'd do the same thing for me. Hm. Let's find out!

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