Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Review: Wiseguys vs Zombies

Just doing my part cause I'm an honorable guy.

Wiseguys vs Zombies

Excuse me, I need to kill my memory now.


Nolahn said...

Need a minute... laughing so hard reading your review, I couldn't breathe...

Ah, okay.

Like I prefaced, this is for advanced bad movie watchers. It's a very, very, very bad, tedious movie, but you slugged it through and clearly enjoyed hating the hell out of it in your review. To wit:

"Jesus, this is a fucking zombie movie, right? RIGHT???"

"I'm sure there was more but after the goat/zombie fucker, my brain said "Fuck you" to me and left and went to a bar."

"And this scene goes on for about, oh, 5 days. I think I lost my job cause I stayed home to watch this movie."

Quality sutff! I honestly didn't think you'd hate the movie quite this much -- the slowness of the first half shut down most of my brain's higher functions, like Movie Yoga, and I laughed at much of the "zombie" "action" of the second half -- but I'm kinda glad you did. These might be some of your best lines ever.

For what it's worth, there was a moment after I viewed KILLJOY where I thought to myself, "That wasn't so bad" and "Huh, only about 70 minutes" and then thought about the film I challenged you with and said, "Ohhh..."

I'll recalculate for next month's challenge. And yes, I fully expect the movie you give me to be the cinematic equivalent of being punched in the nuts.

Kevin said...
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