Sunday, August 01, 2010

I Suck/News and Stuff

So my summer blog-a-thon kinda came to a stand-still in July. I did pretty good for awhile there. So here's what's gonna happen:

1. I'm gonna do one last offical entry sometime this week. It's gonna be "Graveyard Shift" cause it's what Netflix sent to me.
2. I still need to do my B-Movie Meatloaf entry for this month.
3. I also have something mega important coming up for the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the site! It's gonna be mega-awesome. And I love saying "mega".

So to everyone keeping up with my summer series, I'm sorry. I think I did ok but it wasn't as much as I wanted.

In the meantime I'm gonna do something on Twitter and my FaceBook group. I realized I'm behind on my movie watching (regular and reviewing wise) so I decided to set up a regime of at least 1-DVD-A-Day. I cleared out my Netflix and refilled it with all types of movies I need/want to see. I'll probably throw some TV shows in there from time to time. And I will count Instant Watch as a DVD. Theater movies probably won't count. So if you haven't added me on Twitter, do so here. Or if you haven't clicked "Like" on the FaceBook group off to the right, do so there. It should be fun.

And finally, this:

I. Cannot. Fucking. WAIT!

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