Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Review/New Mass Invasion/Five Year Anniversary!

Ok folks! It's up! Today's the day! Quit your job and help me celebrate five years of watching shitty movies and trying to be funny.

To help celebrate, I got some friends to watch "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" and we all wrote about it. Luckily, I still have some friends afterwards.

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Also keep an eye out on the blog for something special in the upcoming days, starting today, as well!

If you're wondering what Nolahn thought of the rest of the movie, you can check out this review here:

Nolahn's Garbage Pail Kids Movie Review

This being my five year anniversary review, I need to thank you, the reader, for coming to this site. Even though I know half of you are friends of mine, I really do appreciate it. And ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Maria, who done 11 of these damn Mass Invasions. Maria, you are tops. Not Topps, the makers of these cards. Well, maybe you are, I don't know. I'll trade you and find out I guess.

Anyway, thank you and here's to another five years!



Nolahn said...

Happy anniversary! And please -- PLEASE! -- pick a less crappy movie for the next Mass Invasion.

Fletch said...

Do I smell some Garbage Pail kids in the next Lair?

Happy Anniv, Jason! Though I noticed the other day when looking at your LAMB banner that it says "Battling B Movies Since 2003." What the dilly yo? Those the video reviews you were telling me about?

Jason Soto said...

Yeah I figured that was gonna come up at some point.

2003 (December to be exact) was when I wrote my first bad movie review. Prior to that I was doing regular movie reviews. Unlike most people, I haven't been doing this my entire life. I was just a watcher.

2005 was in Invasion of the B Movies was born. I needed a catchy subtitle for the site and I came up with the 2003 one cause I been writing about them on other sites and places.

So I'm just celebrating the 5 years I been doing Invasion of the B Movies. I hope that makes sense.