Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jason Made A Video: Bath Tub Time Machine 4

Cokie figures out where Jason is, while Jason tries to figure out what happened to him in the alternate timeline.

The final BTTM. Thanks for watching. Regular video next week.


Nick said...

Awesome! Loved it. Poor sheep... the entire apartment to himself, and he doesn't have a remote for the TV! Loved the "bahhh!"

Also, I caught the first edit when you went back and forth between the two Cokie's, but I didn't see the second. Good job!

Fletch said...

I don't think that was "bahhh" he was saying...more like "faahhhhk."

Killer finale, Jason. And, of course, awesome music to close it out with.

Jason Soto said...

Nick: Dylan's right, Sheep is saying "Faaaahk", the only time he ever talked.

I tried to fix that first edit so much but stupid Movie Maker was being...stupid and it kept going back to that part. I just gave up and hoped the B&W covered it up a bit.

Dylan: I figured you like the song.