Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jason Made A Video #21

(Due to a techical error, this week's episode of "Jason Made A Video" can't be posted onto Youtube. So you guys don't go a week without something, plus we felt this was a good idea, I am posting the script/scribbled down notes on a napkin here so you get a general idea on what it would've been like. Like some thing from my childhood use to say "Use your imagination".)

*Jason is sitting at his chair in the computer room, facing the camera.*

Jason: Hi everybody. So April Fool's Day is coming up this Friday and everyone is expecting me to do SOMETHING for it, I guess because, much like a mushroom, I'm a "fun guy"!
Cokie: Fuck you!
Jason: Anyway, I haven't really fleshed out the idea yet, but I did spend $500 bucks on this green screen.

*Jason walks to green screen*

Jason: And what I'll do is just change the background during this video and emulate some of your favorite blogs and websites. That should be fun!
Cokie: Yeah, it'll be fun when the lawsuits start coming in.
Jason: Shut up, Cokie. Let's start the video!

Title Card: Jason Made A Video #21: HA HA FOOLED YOU!
Music: The Bloodhound Gang-Bad Touch

*Cuts to Jason in front of Green Screen. A screen grab for Blog Cabins comes up.*

Jason (In Dylan's voice): Hola! I'm Dylan aka Fletch from Blog Cabins. Girls are hot! Aren't they, some dude?
Cokie: Yep.
Jason: Ok, well *pretends to smoke cigarette* here at Blog Cabins, we do a feature where I take a look at all the movies coming out in theaters! What's coming out this Friday?
*Picks up newspaper*
Jason: Oh jesus. This is terrible. Nevermind. And...that's it!

*Green Screen changes to Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob*
Jason: Hey y'all! So I was watching "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoneix" last night and I was trying to imagine what it'd be like if different people played all the main characters. Like for instance, if Haley Joel Osment was Harry. And Abigal Breslin was Hermoine. I couldn't figure out who'd play Ron, well besides Rupert Grint, who was in the smash hit movie "Driving Lessons", a movie everybody in the world must've seen, right?
Cokie: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Jason: Ok. As for the adults, how about Rob Lowe as Snape? OOH! How about-

*Note: I need to look up other characters in "Harry Potter", since I only seen, and read the books, only once each.

*Note: Add two or three more y'all's.*

*Green screen changes to Rachel's Reel Reviews*

Jason: The Office-Was a good episode. Glee *Try to pretend you actually like this stupid show*-Oh yay! Glee was on! Woo! They sing (crappy) remakes of (good/great) songs, thereby forcing every retarded 14-year-old that watches this show to think Glee came up with this song and-

*Stop while you're ahead*

*Green screen changes to Insight Into Entertainment*

Jason (Cheery): HI! Yeah! Everything's awesome! WOO! GO movies!

*Note: fill this part out some more, but not sure with what. Brainstorm later.*

*Green screen changes to The List*

Jason: Alright, motherfuckers, this is my Top Five Badass Motherfuckers Who Fuck Shit Up All The Time!
5. Jean Claude Van-Damme-Say what you want, he knew how to fuck shit up!
4. Steven Segal-He may be overweight and puffy now, but back in the 80's he was "ABOVE THE LAW"! And he was also "UNDER SEIGE". Huh.
2. Sylvester Stallone-RAMBO! COBRA! ROCKY! Do I need to say more, fuckers?
1. Arnold Swartzenegger-Fuckin' "Commando" AND Terminator! I MEAN COME ON MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

Cokie: Kai says "out" at the end of this posts?
Jason: No but it seems like he should.

*Note: talk about boobs some more during Kai's part*

*Green Screen turns to Invasion of the B-Movies*
Jason: Wait...what?
Cokie: MY turn!! *Ahem* UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I'm Jason! I say fuck a lot! Oh, nobody likes me cause nobody comments or emails me. Wah wah wah I'm so alone.
Jason: Cokie...
Cokie: Here's a review of some obscure bad movie that nobody's ever heard of. I don't know how to write worth shit but I'll make stupid lame jokes so people think I'm a good writer.
Jason: That's not true...
Cokie: UHHHHHHH, maybe if I stopped saying "Uhhh" a lot, people would actually care about what I say and-
Jason: THAT'S IT!!

*And the camera fell down and broke due to "techical issues". The ending was suppose to go like this:

Jason: Ok, seriously, this was all in fun. All the blogs, and people, I mentioned are awesome and I'm only kidding. I hope nobody takes any of this to heart.
Cokie: UHHHHH I'm a suck up so people don't hate me cause if I don't have friends my self esteem will be lower and I'll end up-

*Ending credits with song from beginning playing. With a final note attached:
"Thanks for reading and hope you guys found this funny."



cinemasights said...

Best. Episode. Ever.

Nick said...

Haha... that was great.

Though, did you know that, originally, Steven Spielberg was interested in making the first Harry Potter film... and he DID want Haley Joel Osment as Harry? That would have been weird...

Fletch said...

I'm not gonna comment on this cause I want you to think you got no friends.

And I am smoking right now.


Jason Soto said...

Dylan: just commented on this. And don't be stealing Kai's catchphrase!

Nick: That would've been weird. Weirder yet, I didn't know any of that, I was just making stuff up.

James: Thanks!