Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Jason's Weekly Round-Up #5

Do you think someone at a drinking straw plant, as a joke, licks certains straws before they get wrapped? Sleep tight!

-Dylan aka Fletch at "Blog Cabins" does a post every now and then where he picks a year and talk about his favorite five movies from that year. Me being the 90's geek I am, I was tickled pink when he went with 1996, a year I fondly remember. Oh I wish I was 16 again.

-Nick's podcast The Demented Podcast, reached 10 episodes and for the 10th episode, he had an all out Battle Royale with the 5 players who made it in the top five spot of his game The Demented Tower. The episode is probably my favorit episode of that show mainly cause you got cute Jess, awesome James, cool Tom, drunk Rachel, and...Hatter just going at it. So check it out!

-Did you know TheGreatWhiteDope had a web comic? No? WHA??? Well, catch up starting here and then check out the newest one!

-From Midnight, With Love did "Big Trouble in Little China". Need I say more?

-It was Nolahn's birthday this week! Wish him a happy birthday and check out his review of "Black Belt Jones"!

What I WILL Be Watching:
-Jackass 3/3-D comes out today. I'm probably gonna scurry over to Redbox and see if they have it.
-I'm gonna be doing a "Compare/Contrast" to a film title sometime this week. It's a popular movie from the 70's that got remade some years ago. There's also a sequel. Can you guess what it is?
-I still have the movies we'll be covering on The Lair to watch. Man, I'm a slacker.

Random Picture:

The great white buffalo....great white buffalo....

And Finally:
Spring is almost here! Yay!! I don't totally mind cold weather, it's all the fuckin' snow and ice I hate. So here's to no more of that shit!


Fletch said...

My pleasure, sir. Why is "Blog Cabins" in quotes?

Mmm...great white buffalo.

Jason Soto said...

Dylan: I dunno. I put this together Monday night and I had a few drinks. When I get drunk again I'll ponder that.

great white buffalo...