Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jason's Weekly Round Up #7

If Michael Cera married a chick named Sara, her named would be Sara Cera.

Some Cool Ass Shit:
-My podcasting partner Nolahn was a guest on Nick's Podcast "The Demented Podcast" and Nolahn was awesome...until The Tower hit. Well, it wasn't entirely Nolahn's fault. Just listen.

-I saw "Paul" this past weekend and I fuckin' loved it. I don't normally cover new movies on the blog but if I did, and I was female, my review would be something like Jess' review.

-So apparently that Desert Island CD thing I did the other day was started by Castor over at...um...this site. Anyway, if you go there, you can read Castor's and other people's list.

-For the record, I never seen "Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog" so I can't say I agree with his opinion or not but this is a pretty funny post, even if you disagree. And I'm sure a few of you will disagree.

-The Midnight Movie of the Week at "From Midnight, With Love" is "Evil Dead 2". Awesome!

Movies I WILL Watch This Week:
-So I owe the world a review since I didn't get one out last week. I'll have that up THIS Friday. I promise.
-I forget if I mentioned it last week but I'm gonna try to watch a movie called "Pieces", which sounds like a fun time.

Random Video:

And finally:
The first 30 people that comment to this post get the most awesome prize ever: A NEW POST NEXT WEEK! YAY!!


Jess said...

Thanks Jason! I liked it more and more as time goes by since I've seen it. I'm actually really excited to see it again.

Fletch said...

Ooohhh, good to hear about Paul (sorry, way behind, haven't read anyone's reviews). It's the topic of ye olde LAMBcast this weekend...you join? (Or you, Jess?)

Nolahn was great on Nick's show. He got hosed (not that it wasn't his fault, but still). His Palpatine made me ROFLcopter or something.

Nick said...


Yeah, thanks for the plug!

Jason Soto said...

Jess: Yeah I wanna see it a second time too, but I'l probably have to wait until DVD to do so.

Dylan: I don't wanna say I'll do Saturday's show until I know for a fact I'll be home at that time. If there's an opening on Saturday, let me know and I'll see if I can make it. And agreed on Nolahn getting hosed. And ROLFcopter on your use of ROLFcopter.

Nick: I did forget to mention his awesome Palpatine impression. That was probably the best "The Challenge" in a while.