Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bad News Death Bed Fans...

I got this in my email today:

Meaning, Not only are they gonna wait until TOMORROW (Tuesday) to ship out Death Bed, but they're sending it from some city no where near me, so it's gonna take all week to get here.

So...now what do I do?

Well, it's gonna just have to be a surprise. Because I'm recieving Bloodz vs Wolfez tomorrow so I could do that I suppose. We'll just see. Think of it as a surprise! Yay surprises!

So this taught me a vaulable lesson. Next time I plan on doing a poll for which movies I should review first, make sure I have all movies in my possession before hand, instead of trusting Netflix to send their movies out on time. So my sincere apologizes for all you folks who voted for Death Bed. It's gonna have to wait. To make up for it, here's Patton Oswalt talking about said movie, which inspired me to want to review it:


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