Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Review Today

Hey folks,
There won't be a review today. I been sick with a cold all weekend and I'm too medicated to be funny and watch a bad movie. I did wanna alert you to a few things though.

Since I'm part of this elite group called "The LAMB's", the leader has asked us to write a thing for the upcoming Oscar's ceremony. He assigned us different categories and we have to write about them. I was given "Best Visual Effects". So I wrote up my thing and sent it to him. I fear it's not that good, cause I didn't know what to write and I wrote it right after watching one of the nominee's "Transformers", which pretty much sucked my brain out and crapped all over it. Any event, I'll let you know when it's posted and look out for a Transformers Probe soon.

And my Razzie poll is still up so if you haven't voted, you still have a chance. You can read about the nominees here:
Or to just see the poll themselves, I posted them on the front page of the site

Thanks for reading!

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