Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bored Chronicles: Post 1

I have the day off today and it's -300 degrees outside. So needless to say I'm staying in today. And...I don't have much to do. The fiancee is here as well and while we could entertain each other (take that however you want), we like to do seperate things as well.

So I figured I should do a post now just to pass some time.

I was on Netflix checking out my Queue, thinking maybe I can watch something instantly when I saw something "unavailable". I clicked on it and I got this message:


Thriller: They Call Her One Eye was suggested by Adam and is about a chick who's put into forced prostitution then goes crazy and kills people or something. It sounded like it was right up my alley. It doesn't say WHY they no long have this film available, which bugs me the most. If they said "Sorry, this DVD is so damaged we can't possibly keep sending it out to frustrated customers who try to watch a movie but can't cause of all the scratches because we know how fucking annoying that is" I would've been fine with that. But no, they don't say why.

So I went and added it to my Amazon Wish List. There's actually both versions, I think one is a rated version and the other is unrated. I dunno which is which. If anyone wants to be nice enough to get it for me, that'd be neat. You don't HAVE to. But you COULD...

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Adam Blank said...

Usually Netflix pulls movies the moment they go out of print. So if you can still buy it on Amazon, do it soon because you might not be able to in a few weeks.

Actually, I went on Amazon and it says they have 1 in stock, but it does not say "more on the way" like they normally do.

There are 2 versions. One has hardcore porn edited in and the other doesn't. The porn doesn't add anything, and it's obvioulsy not the same actos and actresses, but technically that's the uncut version.