Friday, January 16, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 3

I've decided to add on a new rule. Each month the scores will be erase and we'll start all over again. So this gives people who wanted to participate a chance to do so without feeling like it's hopeless to never catch up. So each month will have a winner.

This week's new movies are:
My Bloody Valentine 3-D, a remake of a classic cult horror movie from the 80's (maybe 70's?)
Notorious, the B.I.G bio-pic.
The wide release of Defiance.
Hotel for Dogs, some kids movie about a hotel...for dogs.
And last but certainly not least Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

As a reminder here's last's weeks top ten:

Game/contest ends Saturday night at 11:59 PM, you have until then to submit your guess. I'll email everyone a reminder midday (hopefully) on Saturday.

My guess WAS gonna be Gran Torino again but after reading some bad reviews, I'm gonna go ahead with Notorious.

Good luck!


bobbie said...

My best guess it that My Bloody Valentine 3-D will knock Grand Torino out of it's #1 spot.

mike highway said...

i think mall cop will take the top spot this weekend, much as it pains me.

Maria said...

I'll go with the Valentine one.

Fletch said...


That sounds cooler, doesn't it?

highway said...

i changed my mind, i think defiance will get it.