Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fight for #1: Week 4

I was gonna say there's nothing really good coming out this week, but after last week's shocker, I guess it's anybody's game.

Anyway, movies coming out today are:
Underworld: Rise of the Fancy Word For Werewolves-A prequel nobody asked for, that doesn't include the hot chick that was in the other films.
Inkheart-A Branden Fraiser fantasy flick about...something.
And for some reason, a film called Killshot is only premiring in Phoenix, Arizona, which is where I think Fletch lives so he's probably happy about that.

A reminder on last week's top ten:

All submissions are to be in by 11:59 Saturday Night. Reminder that I am erasing all scores at the end of January so if you haven't played yet and feel you'd never catch up, you'll still have a chance.

My choice is gonna go to Paul Blart, only cause there doesn't seem to be much else out, and people really seem to dig the movie.

So what says you?


highway said...

My vote is going for inkheart, just because it looks like the worst movie coming out this week, plus it has something of the stench of twilight and lord of the rings about it, which really gets the cellar dwellers out.

there's a movie coming out this week called "donkey punch." that just seems wrong somehow.

Fletch said...


Yeah, I'm in Phoenix, and I was just reading a short review of Killshot yesterday. It's an Elmore Leonard story adaptation starring Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Thomas Jane. With that cast - I'm interested. It's not playing anywhere terribly close, but I'd like to catch it sometime. I wasn't aware it was only premiering here...

Maria said...

Mall Cop! Mall Cop!

Rachael said...

Ink Heart. Only because it's the closest thing to Twilight. And you know how people feel about that crap.

Sean said...

I vote for the King of Queens guy's movie.