Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 4 Results

I figured, since there wasn't much of anything coming out this weekend, Mr. James would still reign as the King of Movie Theaters.

This Weeks Score:
Me Felicia April Maria & Sean: 10
Fletch: 9
Highway & Rachael*: 4

This Months Score Total:
Maria: 37
Me: 36
Felicia: 32
Sean: 30
April: 29
Bobbie: 28
Adam: 18 Points
Fletch: 17
Rachael*: 12
ecrunner: 10 Points
Highway: 7

As I stated last week, this is a monthly game so at the start of the month we all start back at zero and each month will have a winner. As of now, Maria is taking the lead, but still could be anybody's game. We have one more weekend, which gives us "The Uninvited" and Liam Neeson as Jack Bauer in "Taken". So hopefully the last week of January will have even more players. As for everyone who has participated thus far, thanks so much and good luck!

* I know at least three chicks named Rachael so I'm not sure if this scoring belongs to the same one or not. If you could, all three chicks named Rachael, when you leave your guess can you put your last initial or something to distingush you guys. I'm sure you all three spell your names differently (probably one of you spells it with a z or something) but I can't tell. Sorry about that. Thank you very much.


highway said...

wow, i sorta suck at this.

Fletch said...

So close...yet so far away...