Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Instances of Black Presidents in Film and TV

I forgot what it was that I saw but back in the 90's I went to see a movie and when the trailers came up, we saw Morgan Freeman standing at some desk saying "Is everything ready?" Then someone replied "Yes Mr. President." When that happened, about half the people in the theater gasped in shock. Keep in mind this was probably 97 or 98. Of course that movie turned out to be Deep Impact, which I hadn't seen, cause it came out the same time as the other "OMGZ The Earth Is Gonna Die!" series. I've seen "Armageddon" and figured it was probably the same. Even watching the trailer I said "WTF" outloud.

...artists? Why artists? I mean I like artist but are they THAT important to have stored in a cave during the apocylpse?

The other instance of a black president that I have seen is the first 3 seasons of "24". Well techically, he was running in season 1, was President in season 2, and was running for re-election in season 3. But David Palmer (AKA The All-state Guy) was probably a kickass President. He made tough decisions and had to make them while dealing with his stupid brother and psychotic ex-wife, who probably was my favorite "24" character, next to Jack Bauer.

I guess what I'm saying is these are probably the best portrayals of a black president. Then again there was Terry Crew's character in "Idiocracy":

But I'm sure Obama would choose to forget that portrayal.

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Fletch said...

Please don't speak ill of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Or he'll kick your mutha#*&%$ing a$$.