Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 5 Results And January Winner

$18 of that 24.6 million for "Taken" is mine. Me and Felicia saw it on Friday. It was ok. It was like a typical episode of "24", even down to the daughter being named Kim. I probably wouldn't want to see it again though. And (spoiler alert) the whole thing turned into a thing about human traffiking so it was kind of a bummer.

Anyway, enough yammering from me, here are this week's scores:
Fletch, April, Me, Bobbie : 10
Felicia, Maria : 9
Highway: 8

And the totals for January are:
Maria: 47
Me: 46
Felicia: 41
April: 39
Bobbie: 38
Sean: 30
Fletch: 27
Adam: 18
Highway: 15
Rachael: 12
ecrunner: 10

Which makes Maria the big winner for January! Congratulations Maria! I would offer you a prize or make some kind of flashy graphic but I suck at that. Maybe somewhere down the road I'll have something made.

So now it's a new month and we all start over again. Next week is The Pink Panther 2, Heroes: The Movie (AKA Push), He's Not That Into You, Fanboys (A movie I'm totally looking forward to) and Coraline. Man, that's a lot of major releases. I really have no idea. Ok I do, but that's for next week.

See ya then!

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highway said...

i dont think it's a spoiler, i'd read as much in published reviews.