Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 7 Results

HA! I have prevailed!

This Weeks Scores:
Jason, Bobbie, April: 10
Highway: 4
Maria: 7

Total Scores For The Month:
Jason: 20
Bobbie, April: 18
Maria: 15
Highway: 12
Felicia, Todd: 10
Adam: 8
Sean: 7

Man, I'm actually on a roll this month. Next week a new Tyler Perry opens up so I think we all know what's gonna happen then. Until then, thanks for playing and see you on the other side of post 300!


Maria said...

Oh I'm stinking up the place this month!

Fletch said...

Goddamnit...I'm sick of missing this. Can I just give you my answer for next week now?

I'm picking Friday the 13th for next week.

Jason Soto said...

Sorry that you keep missing it, Fletch. If I notified you by email would you remember it then?

Fletch said...

Sure, though please don't go out of your way. I know it comes on Thursday or Friday (seems to be Friday lately) - I think I'm just checking your site too early (or you're putting up the post too late ;) ).

Jason Soto said...

Eh, it's no problem. Just added you to my "newsletter" contacts. But I'll only select your name when it comes to the Fight.

I did say I might post on Thursdays but I normally forget or don't get online till late so I figure might as well wait till Friday. Normally if I'm off, I post in the early afternoon.