Friday, February 13, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 7

This week should be interesting. A few pretty major movies are opening this weekend. Probably picking the one that'll win will be tough. Will everyone wanna see a horror remake of a classic? Or will they wanna see Clive Owen kick some ass while throwing the word "bank" around as many times as he can? Or are women gonna rule this weekend and drag their boyfriends to see an annoying woman spend money like it's going out of style? (I'll tell you this if I hear the words "You speak Proda" again I'm probably gonna go on a rampage.

Anyway, here's last weeks top ten:

There are a few limited releases as well, like the movie with Joanquin Phoenix, who by the way is either slowly going insane or is pulling the biggest act of his carrer. And some IMAX under sea film narrated by...Jim Carrey? Huh. If you say so.

My guess for this week, naturally, has to go to "Friday the 13th". Yes I said it.

Anyway here are where the scores stand right now:
Me, Felicia, Todd: 10
Maria, Highway, Bobbie, Adam, April: 8
Sean: 7

I never know how to end a post so...bye!


highway said...

i'm going with international this week.

Maria said...

Annoying woman!

bobbie said...

Friday the 13th ad nauseam.