Friday, February 06, 2009

The Fight for #1: Week 6

New month, new scores. We all start back at zero. So if you wanted to play, here is your chance.

Here's last weeks top ten:

Coming out this week:
Pink Panther 2
He's Not That Into You
Fanboys (possibly limited).

My guess is going to go to "He's Not That Into You" cause everyone all over the place can't seem to shut up about this.

Sorry this post is late and quick. It's actually kinda nice outside and we're eager to go outside and play. See ya!


Maria said...


Sean said...

Pink Turd 2

highway said...

definitely coraline.

bobbie said...

It's sad when, in order to chose, you must do it by process of elimination. *sigh* But, after reading reviews of Pink Panther 2, I hope viewers avoid it like the plague. Ditto Not Into You. Just more dumb women and cloddish men. So, I'm going with Coraline altho I thought the commercials made it look a lot like Nightmare Before Christmas.

Odd Todd said...

I say He's Not That Into You