Saturday, February 28, 2009

Razzie Post #2: Repo! The Genetic Opera

Oddly enough, this movie isn't really bad at all. It's just really weird.

Apparently based on a real stage opera, "Repo!" is about a world (in the not-too distant future, Sunday A.D) where getting surgery is the chic thing to do. One company, GeneCo, gives these surgeries but there's a catch: you have to pay for it for the rest of your life. If you miss a payment, then whatever you got surgery for, whether it be a kidney, heart, or even spine, a Repo Man will come and repo your organ.

We focus on Shilo, a 17-year-old girl with a mystery illness. One night while visiting her Mom's tomb, she witnesses a Graverobber, who gets some kind of chemical from dead bodies and sell it, which is apparently addictive. Shilo is cared for by her father Nathan, a doctor. It's revealed that he's GeneCo's Repo Man and he possibly has split personalities.

We then meet the head of GeneCo, Paul Sorvino (yes he sings, a lot, in this film) and he has three kids, one of whom is Paris Hilton, who are, um, different. One son is a royal asshole, one son likes to graft on human faces over his face, and Paris is addicted to Graverobber's drug.

Paul is about to die and he doesn't want to leave the company to any of his kids, so he picks Shilo, whose Mom use to date Paul but left him for Nathan, then Nathan accidently killed Mom. Yeah, it's like a real opera!

So Shilo must decide what to do while leaving the grasp of his father and figure out how to get rid of her illness. A blind chick who got robotic eyes rips them out on stage then dies, Paul dies without leaving a heir, and after finding out her dad is the Repo Man, and he got her addicted to Graverobber's drug, he dies. Shilo leaves to do god only know what, leaving the company to the three asshole kids.

The songs aren't half bad, and the only part I could do without with Paris Hilton's singing. There is a part where one of her surgeries don't go well and her face is deformed. I took a pic of it for you guys.

"The Love Guru" will have to wait until next week, since I don't have it yet. Boy. I. Can't. Wait.


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Nick said...

I love this movie. And Paris Hilton actually wasn't that bad in it, surprisingly. I waited for this movie for over a year, then got it on DVD the day it came out. I watched it almost every day for that first week until I was sick of it... but like Zydrate, it was so addicting. Though the second half is arguably better than the first half.

However, even after seeing it so many times, I never caught that her dad got her addicted to Zydrate. Are you sure? I could have sworn they were just poison-type pills that kept her sick so she'd stay home.