Friday, February 20, 2009

Post 300

Jeez. 300 posts? What the hell have I been doing? I started this blog way back in 2007 when I wanted an outlet to ramble on and on about what's on my mind movie wise. Of course, I ended up being "The Mayor of Blogs-NoOne-Reads-ville" until I joined a little group called "The LAMB", and now I'm the Mayor of Three-or-Four-People Reads-Ville! What an improvement!

In all honesty, I enjoy typing stuff into this little box and having however many people it really is read this and even though feedback is scarce (I really don't know if I suck or if I'm funny) I keep doing it to entertain YOU, the reader.

So to bring this back around to movies, especially not-good-ones, I'll devote this post to the last two movies I saw in theaters.

First was "My Bloody Valentine" and yes I saw it IN 3-D!! OOOOH!!!! And I gotta say, seeing it in 3-D...was the only good thing about the whole thing. The movie itself wasn't that good, plot or story wise. I kinda saw the ending coming. But the 3-D effects were pretty cool and I only recommend the movie in that format.

Next up was the Friday the 13th remake. If you know me at all, you know some part of me had to see this movie, despite Michael Bay's untalented hand having something to do with this. The entire thing confuses me, cause I don't know how I feel. If I ignore the fact there was a previous "Friday the 13th" (A much better one at that), it's a decent slasher flick with a spooky killer guy. But going in knowing about the previous 9 billion Jason films and knowing how he really acts, this one kinda lets me down. Jason (the killer) doesn't act like the killer in this film. He has no personality. He's really not human. You can do all kinds of shit to him and nothing will stop him. Ever.

And the remake really covers Part 1, 2, and 3 (oddly enough they left the 3-D feature out), what with the inclusion of Jason's Mom, Jason wearing a bag on his head, then finally finding the hockey mask. Considering this film became the #1 movie this weekend, Shithead Bay is probably gonna order up a sequel. Or some lame thing like "Friday the 13th: The Beginning" Where we see Jason drown and it's not gonna be scary and will be totally pointless.

I really want to cover the original Friday the 13th films. Since we get another Friday the 13th in March, I SHOULD make the first 12 days of March Friday the 13th related. Hmm...something to think about.

Anyway. This is it. Big 300th post. Let me know how I'm doing. And I'll keep churning them out. Thank you again for reading and let's make it 400 posts!


Alex said...

Congratulations! Had I some champagne, I would toast you to 300 more!

also: hehehe... Shithead Bay.

bobbie said...

Mazol tov! Here's to 300 more!

Reel Whore said...

Congrats on hitting 300 posts! I'm inching my way up there too.

Dude, you are funny. I am just a lameass when it comes to commenting!

I took Friday the 13th with a grain of salt, knowing they'd upgrade/alter the Jason we've come to know and, um, love? I rewatched 1-8 over Halloween ( It'll be fun to hear your take.