Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Fight for #1: Week 10 Results

Congratulations to everyone who commented and/or sent in emails. You get an automatic ten points. And those people are:

Next week, the game returns to normal. But will Watchmen dominate again? We'll have to see.

And a quick word on Watchmen.

*gets on soapbox*

I'm tired of reading reviews and reports from uber-Watchmen Graphic Novel nerds who say "The movie sucks cause they left this out, or they change that. Blah blah blah I'm a nerd." Listen Pancho, tell me the last movie you recall where the film was 100% faithful to the book/comic? And please take your time to think about that. You had to have known a good chunk of stuff was gonna be taken out. If they kept everything in, the damn movie would be at least 5 hours long. And probably visually confusing as fuck.

I believe the movie was great. And the comic was great. Zach Snyder did the best he could translating it to film. And considering this movie was in the making for almost 20 years, you should be lucky there's even a film adaptation.

What I wanna hear from are the people who seen the movie but didn't read the book. What did you think? Did anything confuse you? Cause there was the classic trick of mentioning stuff in the film that was totally explained in the book. So I can try to help you out since I read the book a few weeks before the movie came out.

Anyway, that's all.

*Gets down from soap box. Wonders what a soap box is exactly.*


Anonymous said...

In Victorian times, a law came to pass that no evil word could be spoken against the British Royal family as long as your feet were touching the ground, or one would face time in a horrible jail cell. So, some brilliant, dissatisfied person came up with standing on an upturned box in Hyde Park, London, to speak out against the reigning Queen. The sturdiest wooden boxes at the time were reserved for heavy loads of soap. This part of Hyde Park came to be known as Speakers Corner, and is still a popular gathering spot today, near the Marble Arch. When I was there last, some REALLY crazy people were ranting about Margaret Thatcher, even though she'd been out of office a few years by that time, thank Goddess.

I hope this explained where the term "getting on your soap box" stems from.


Fletch said...

I saw the film but have not read the book. I wouldn't say I was terribly confused about much in particular, but some things took a while to figure out and it felt like there was too much story devoted to some characters and not enough to some others. Overall, it had a bit of a feel of being a head-spinning mess, but in a good way. I enjoyed it and wouldn't mind seeing it again.