Friday, March 20, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 12

Hello and welcome to Week 12. You are now clean and wait you probably aren't.


This week we got Duplicity, I Love You, Man, and Kn0w1n5 opening up this weekend. So it's the battle of the Julia Roberts clevage, Paul Rudd, and Nicolas Cage vs The Rock getting to a mountain and some depressed dark superheroes. What's gonna win, what's gonna win?

I honestly don't know. I'll tell you know my pick is gonna be purely a random guess, cause normally I can feel these things out but with three "popular" movies opening, plus two that opened already, it's hard to say. I'm gonna go ahead and eliminate Watchmen cause everyone seen it and only the hardcore nerd boys will keep seeing it in theaters. I've heard a lot of talk about Nic Cage vs Math but normally Paul Rudd comedies do good.

Yep, my guess is gonna be I Love You, Man. What's yours?

Here's last week's top ten:

Good luck!


highway said...

i usually just go with whatever i've seen more ads and promos for, and i'm getting force-fed lots of "i love you man" and haven't heard of any of the other flicks so i love you man gets my vote. although i'm tempted to think race to witch mountain will get a second week at #1.

bobbie said...

I Love You, Man will rule this weekend. Comedies usually do well in an economic recession...or whatever the heck they are calling this!

Fletch said...

I Love You, Men, too.

Er, wait a tic...

Rachael said...

My very scientific research tells me it's going to be I Love You, Man.

(Scientific research = what the Twilight fans are posting about on their LiveJournals this week.)

Maria said...

I think I'll be different a go with the Julia Roberts movie, pretty much to be different.

Anonymous said...

I have to be different, as well. I'm gonna go with the Nicholas Cage flick. Why the hell not?