Thursday, March 19, 2009

Updates, Upcoming Crap, Theories, and Other Things

I got a bunch of things I wanna post about but instead of making several posts, I'll just contain them onto one. That way, instead of everyone not reading a bunch of posts, everyone can not read one post! Aren't I clever?

(Kidding 'bout that not reading thing by the way. I have to keep myself humble or else I'll get too much of an inflated ego and I'll be an even worse prick.)


First things first. If you've been following me for a while, quit it. I hate being stalked. Seriously, you probably remember last year I did a thing called "30 Days of Horror" where every day in the month of April I watched a horror film. Because of family stuff, I didn't get to all that I wanted to get to. So hopefully this year will go without a hitch cause I'm totally doing it again. Hopefully, if things go according to plan (Spoiler: probably won't), I'll have some help and include other people writing about horror films, good and/or bad. If YOU wanna join in, email and/or comment and we'll work something out. This all starts, natually, April 1st.

Secondly, I recently came up with a movie wathing theory, called "The 100:1 Asshole Ratio". How it works is, for every 100 people that loves a big blockbuster movie that's really, really good, there's gonna be one asshole who's gonna hate on it just to hate on it. And they don't come up with any good reasons for hating it, they just wanna hate on it.

I came up with this after scanning comments on about "The Dark Knight" and how there seems to be a bunch of people that claim it's a bad movie. Of course, they don't ever back up their claim, but just say things like "Dark Knight iz teh gayz balls!! ROFL!!"

I would include people who have blogs but I ran across one guy (I won't say his name or his blog, but don't worry I know he don't read my blog so if you're reading this, it's not you) who pays however much money to see a big movie in theater (Like Dark Knight again, for example) and give it such a low rating. And all he does is say "It sucks! Big waste of time! ZERO STARS!" and then probably proceeds to jerk off to his own mirror image or something. So yeah, I dunno what's up with these people. And it's not just "The Dark Knight", it's any movie that anyone was waiting forever for. This includes "Watchmen", "Indiana Jones 4" (Yeah yeah I'm in the minority for liking it but people don't even say why they hate it, at least the people I've seen say they hated it gave reasons so they slide from this example), and I wanna include "Transformers" but I hate that movie, but I have my reasons. Well, reasons besides Michael Bay is the devil.

So there's that. I'm not sure what next big movie everyone is salivating over, but rest assured, there's gonna be one asshole who's gonna make a post somewhere saying "It sucks" and never ever explain themselves. A to the RGH!

And finally, I've been reading about Liam Neeson's wife dying and I gotta say something honestly. I never heard of her. I looked up her resume on imdb and I only heard of maybe two or three films she was in, all of which I never seen (and probably won't). When it was announced that Natasha Richardson got in a ski accident I went "That sucks. Who?" I don't wanna sound like an asshole. It sucks she died and I wish Liam and his family all the best and they have my sympathy, but I was just confused on who she was, that's all. Does this make me sound like a bad person? I don't mean to, I just didn't know how to react, tis all. When Heath Ledger died I was like "Dang, he's not gonna get the satisfaction of seeing people react to his portrayal of The Joker" and after seeing the movie I thought "Dang, this Joker isn't gonna be in any other Batman movie cause how can you top THAT?"

I better stop before people de-friend me. I'm already struggling for readers as it is.

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