Friday, March 13, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 11

So this is gonna be tricky. Three "major" releases (instead of limited) are out this week: Race to Witch Mountain, Last House on the Left, and Miss March. Let's break down, shall we?

Race to Witch Mountain-A Live Action Disney film starring The Wrestler Formerly Known As The Rock about alien kids and stuff. I have my doubts.

Last House on the Left-I do want to see this, cause it can't be any worse than the original. And R-Rated horror movies are finally starting to see the top spot (as proved by Friday the 13th.) So this is iffy.

Miss March-A crude looking comedy about a dude in a coma trying to lose his virginity to a Playboy bunny. Comedies that don't feature the following words: Judd Apatow, Seth Rogan, Will Ferrell, Steve Corell, and/or John C. Reilly don't do very well. Especailly since the two main guys are funny looking. This will crack the top five but not be number 1.

So my guess is that Watchmen will take it for another week. This is probably bold on my part cause people seem mixed by it so maybe anyone who wanted to "wait till the hype died down" might be like "Eh fuck it" and go watch a nerdy virgin fuck a Playboy bunny.

Here's last weeks top ten:

Good luck!


highway said...

race to the witch. i can't get away from the ads, and whatever they push hardest, that's what will win.

plus i love the whole witch mountain mythos. i'm totally a fan. so even if i lose, i still win.

Maria said...

Watchmen again.

Rachael said...

Big Blue Ween.

I mean - Watchmen.

Fletch said...

Nope - I'm going Witch Mountain, though I think it'll be close.

bobbie said...

Hard choice between Watchmen and Last House. However, fans have been very unkind to the remake of Last House so I'll go with The Watchmen.

Anonymous said...

I'm still secretly hoping it'll be Everlasting Moments, but I'll go with Watchmen for a second week.