Monday, March 23, 2009


"See, dude, I told you, this Jason guy it's a total douche! He made this post last night about how no one ever tags him for these meme things that are slowly destroying the internet! I would've showed you earlier but I had other engagements."
"Like what, shaving your balls?"
"Dammit! it is."
"...I dont see anything."
"What the? Where the? How the? NOOO!!!"
"Jeez, you really hate this Jason guy, that you gotta make stuff up? He's a nice sweet guy who'd never write a douchy post ever in his life. You suck! Go away!"

That conversaion is what my mortal enemy (whoever he may be) and some guy he knows are probably having right now. Last night I was in a weird mood and I saw some other Meme thing on a movie blog I read a lot and I thought fa-sho read mine a lot but they didn't tag me and I realize I hardly ever get tagged in these things. I wanted to write a humorous article about this but after I hit post and fell asleep, then waking up and re-reading it, I realized it sounded whiny and probably kinda asshole-ish, so I deleted it before anyone read it. If by some chance you did read it, that's what happened.

So with that out of the way, let's talk about grocery stores.
"AH! Not only is he NOT writing about bad movie, he's not even writing about movies! I gotta call my friend!"

Today was my weekly trip to the grocery store and while I was walking around I noticed this giant bin in the middle of an isle full of clear plastic cases. Inside the cases were "previously viewed" DVD's of different movies, ranging from "Jarhead" to "Escape to Alcatraz" to "Win A Date with Tad Hamilton". I was scouring through them when I noticed:

Well, the DVD anyway. There's no offical case for it, so I had no information about who's in it, what it's about, or anything. But just going by the title alone, I knew one thing. It must be mine. Oh yes, it must be mine. And it was only $4.99. Suh-weet!

So I get home with my purchases (yeah yeah food whatever) and I get on imdb and find out it's directed by Mothafucking John Saxon! Hells yes! I didn't look to closely at the plot, I wanna go in kinda blind. But when I do get to watching it (which is gonna be soon, my friends. Soon) I will report on what I find out.

In the meantime, here's a puzzler: how does a grocery store get "previously viewed DVD's?"

"See?? He's talking about grocer-DAMMIT!"
"Jeez, you got a hard-on for this guy. Just give it up."
"How you plan on doing that?"
"By somehow stopping people from leaving comments!"
"How do you do that?"
"However I normally do it."

My enemy


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