Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Winner/Answers to The Great Invasion of the B Movies Scavanger Hunt!/Other Crap

Well it's offically December. The year is just about over. 2009, for me, was ok. Had a lot of bad things but I guess some good things too. But I'll reflect on that later. For now, the Scavanger Hunt is over and there is a winner, even though not a lot of people participated, and some people that said they would participate didn't. Thankfully, I don't hold grudges. My twin brother on the other hand...

Anyway, here was the Questions on The Hunt and the answers:
1. Tell me the address of the house that was used as the outside of Nancy's house in "A Nightmare on Elm Street". (The original). (5 points)
1428 N. Genesee Avenue in Los Angeles. My friends Adam and Devon took us to this place. It was neat seeing it in person.

2. Name 10 episodes of/movies used on "Mystery Science Theater 3000". (2 points each)

3. I'll describe the plots of some movies I reviewed on The Site, you tell me the names of them (5 points each)
-Mama's boy meets a girl but has to deal with his undead Mom.-Dead Alive
-Weirdo photographer is probably not really a killer.-Murder Set Pieces
-Indian protects hippies-Billy Jack
-Two annoying women with a video camera run around in Japan.-Monster (2008)
-A husband catches his wife cheating so he goes on a killing spree.-Las Vegas Blood Bath
-Nice guy is turned into a giant turkey-Blood Freak

4. Give me the URL of the third Mass Invasion (10 points)-www.invasionofthebmovies.com/santaclaus.html

5. How many REGULAR movie reviews have I done? (NOT INCLUDING: Guest reviews, shorts, or Mass Invasions) (One point each for each regular review I've done)-

6. In the very first "Fight For #1", what movie ended up being #1? (20 points)-Marley and Me

7. Name the movie that won Worst Picture Razzie for 1987. (25 points)-Leonard Part 6

8. Describe what happened in the ORIGINAL script for "Back to the Future". (50 points)-Ok, you guys ready? Marty and "Professor Brown" are video bootleggers, working in an old theater. Prof Brown invents a regular time machine that works with nuclear power. Marty accidently powers it with Coca-Cola and is sent back to 1955. There, it follows more or less the story you know, minus the picture of him and his brother and sister vanishing. But instead of the whole using the lighting strike to repower the machine, Marty and Prof Brown has to sneak the time machine, powered with Coke, to a atomic bomb testing ground. Marty does so and is sent back to the future via a refridgerator (If this version was filmed, maybe people would shut up about that scene in "Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls"). Prof Brown learns the secret of Coke and becomes a world famous inventor, inventing all kinds of things that run on Coke. But it turns out Rock n Roll was never invented and this new 1985 looks like the kind of 1985 a guy in the 1950's would dream of. Tis a crazy script which you can read for yourself here.

9. One celebrity wrote (or "tweeted") something back to me on Twitter. Who was that celebrity? (140 points)-Mary Lynn Rajskub, aka Chloe from "24" and now Gail the Snail on "It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia". I said to her it must've been hard to ugly up for that role and she said something about it not being easy. Only celebrity to acknowledge my existance.

10. What award was Invasion of the B-Movies nominated twice and won once for? (10 points, 5 points for naming the category it won)-A Lammy for Best Theme

11. I famously went to a certain website and downloaded an infamous short film. Name that short film. (30 points)-If you are easily offended, skip this next part: Gayniggers From Outer Space

12. First movie I gave 5 stars. (100 points)-Basket Case

13. Name the movies that a movie director sent me, then I ended up reviewing. (25 points each.)-Gothic Girls AKA Good Girls Don't Sleep In Coffins & Fear of Clowns 2

14. Which director did I do an interview with on The Blog? (35 points)-Kevin Kangras

15. Name 10 movies that I own. (100 points each)-Too many to simply name.

16. In the first LAMBcast I did (LAMBcast 3), during the game "Last Man Standing", when I had to name Will Smith movies, what movies did I name? (50 points for each one I named)-I forget now but one of them was "Wild Wild West". And "Fresh Prince: The Movie" don't count.

17. Take the number of "American Pie" movies, add it to the number of "Van Wilder" movies, add that to the number of "Bring It On" movies, and multiply it by the number of "Road Trip" movies and when you send me the correct answer, you will get that many points.-6+3+5 times 2=28. I gave Nohlan some props cause he put there were 7 American Pie movies but the last one was only a working title, which was "American Pie Presents: Bachelor Party 2". But the American Pie people didn't want any part of that, for some reason, so it was dropped and just became offically "Bachelor Party 2".

The following are the tasks I asked to be done.

18. Take a picture of you holding any of the following movies in a store (Store could be anything from Wal-mart, Target, etc. to a flea market, it only counts if you are in the picture and you are doing this in a store.)
-Showgirls (3 points)
-Battlefield Earth (3 points)
-Troll/Troll 2 (5 points)
-Any of The Asylum movies (10 points)

19. A picture of you with your DVD/movie collection (20 points)

20. A picture of you with a B-Movie star (100 points)

21. First person to create a Wikipedia page about "Invasion of the B Movies" gets 1000 points. (To be safe, take a screen grab of said entry)

22. Watch one of the following movies and write a short review.
If you currently run a blog, post review on your blog.
If you do not, attach review with this hunt list.
-The Wicker Man (Nic Cage version)-100 points
-Alien vs Predator (either version)-50 points
-Three Men and a Little Lady-25 points

23. Send the following email to oddtodd.com:
Dear tOdd, I love your site. I found your site thanks to Jason over at Invasion of the B-movies. Well, bye!
(15 points for submitting proof you sent email, 50 points if he posts it in his Random Emails post)

24. Scan or take a picture of the ticket stub of the worst movie you paid money to see in theaters. (30 points)

25. Start a thread on the imdb page for "Swept Away" starring Madonna, declaring it to be the best movie ever and why you love this movie and not in an ironic or cause it's bad. Take screen grab. (75 points)

26. Videotape yourself mimicing the sweet dance moves I came up with in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NAB_A_pXAY (2000 points)

27. Show a ticket stub for both or any of these two movies:
-2012 (30 points)
-New Moon: Twlight 2: Electric Boogaloo (100 points)

28. Post a flyer out on the streets promoting Invasion of the B-Movies.com and/or the blog (invasionofthebmovies.blogspot.com). Be creative! (Yes, take a picture or video) (300 points)

29. Call me and say "Hi Jason, this is" (name) "and I want my 900 points. Thank you." (900 points. Email me for my phone number. It's gonna be my cell. If I don't answer, leave it as a message.)

30. Saying you'll do the Scavanger Hunt (50 points)

With that done, here are the scores:

Rachael M. is our winner with 1050 points! She created a wikipedia entry for The Site, but it was taken down yesterday cause the people at Wikipedia are fucking asshole bastards. But whatever. I saw it and it counts. Way to go, Rachael, you get a 25 dollar gift card!

Nohlan from Bargin Bin Reviews comes in a close fuckin' second place with (ready for this) 1045. Since he was SOO close and did the most work out of anybody on this, I'll send him a $15 dollar gift card. He also sent in this really cool picture for #18. I dunno what's up with the Elvis gear but I don't care:

Maria got 95 points.

And tied for fourth is April and Fletch at 50 for saying they'll do it. Kinda ironic.

Any event, this was fun for me even though two people did more than one thing on the list. I probably won't do it again though. So yeah.

Coming up in December:
-Not a whole lot, cause I'm hammering out details for something major coming up in January.
-Yeah, I fuckin' failed on my NaNoPokeMonWri thing. I'll post what I did write later and maybe I'll get the moxie to finish it.
-I will be reviewing here on The Blog the ORIGINAL "The Wicker Man" for Miss Ponder's "Final Girl Film Club". And I will make it a "Compare and Contrast", which means I have to watch the horrible Nic Cage version. Probably the first time I ever seen the remake before the original.
-I'll be taking a look at THREE different movies about the same real life serial killer, with some assistance from my friend Mary, who you are probably familar with now.
-There will be a Mass Invasion coming up the week of Christmas. It should be a good one. Hopefully.
-Typical year end look back stuff. Cue sad music.

Thanks for reading this long ass post.


Wings said...

Sorry I didn't take part. I was doing the NaNoWriMo, as well. Finished in time (whew), but was a crazy busy month!

Lots to look forward to here, can't wait!

Rachael said...

Holy duckbutter. Thank you very much!

I would understand if my status as winner shouldn't count since the page was deleted - it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

And I sincerely appreciate this.



Nolahn said...

So close!! And here I figured I'd get blown out of the water.

Congrats, Racheal. Yes, your victory should absolutely count. Your building an entire Wikipedia page vs. my nosing around a bit online? No contest.

(Also, "Holy duckbutter" is too damn funny)

As for NaNoWriMo, Jason: Don't be so hard on yourself. It's a marathon, and challenging enough without factoring in things like a job and a life and whatnot. I'll stop short of the cliche "You gave it your best shot, Junior, and that's all that counts" talk, but... yeah.