Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jason Made A Video: Bath Tub Time Machine 3

In seperate timelines, Jason and Cokie consult with a time travel expert in order to get Jason back home.

Sidenote: The opening sequence was the most hard work I put into this episode, so I hope everyone enjoys it!


Nick said...

I loved that opening!

And that Nick guy is an awesome actor.

Anonymous said...

Nick was both disturbing and hilarious in this video.

Love the opening, and the subtitle.

I take it that this is to become a regular series.

Fletch said...

Sam!!! Be careful!!

That was great.

Interesting how that Nick guy's voice changed halfway through...

Nick said...

Fletch: They're two different timelines!

Jason Soto said...

James: No, there's only gonna be one more Bath Tub Time Machine episode, where I'll wrap everything up. After that, it'll go back to being like the regular videos.

Dylan: What Nick said.