Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jason's Tuesday Round-Up #2

Some Cool Ass Shit:
-Sometime last week (might have even been the weekend) I put up a Facebook status that said "Felicia (my fiancee) just came up with an awesome idea. We should go see the Justin Bieber movie and be loud and obnoxious like teenagers are during "our" movies." Everyone on my Friend's List loved this, including Simon over at The Simon and Jo Film Show, so much so they made me Blogger of the Week! You should check that shit out, they're really great guys with great movie discussion and it's all proper and British, gov'na! (I apologize for that last bit.)

-I love reviews that are different and the queen of great different reviews is Stacie Ponder at Final Girl. Her review of a movie called "Necrosis" is hilarious. Check it out.

-I unintentially influenced Nick to watch "Deadgirl", the next movie lined up for my Twitter Event. I didn't read the entire review cause I wanna go in as cold as possible and if you want to do the same thing, wait until after the 23rd to check this out. Everybody else, check out Nick's review.

-The LAMB's Devour The Oscar is marching on, despite my awesome article being posted 3 days into the event. But some other great posts have been coming in, including Univarn's take on Best Actor. If you liked my post, you'll love Univarn's.

-TheGreatWhiteDope over at TheGreatWhiteDope's Mecha-Blog-Zilla took on the Arnold classic "Commando". It's a shitty review. No...I LIED!

Things I'm GOING To Watch:
-I gotta cram in three movies this week. Thankfully, two of them I seen already. But we're recording The Lair this week and I wanna refresh my memory on both Lone Wolf McQuade and Breaker! Breaker! Then I'm also gonna be reviewing the Roger Corman produced "Fantastic Four" this Friday. Gosh, I'm gonna be a busy fella.
-Maybe I can squeeze this in somewhere but I heard about a movie called "Vulgar" starring Dante from "Clerks" and it's suppose to be fucked up. I don't know a whole lot about it going in and I kinda like going into movies like this cold.
I did watch "Venture Brothers Season 3" and "The Bride of Frank". I didn't get to Cat's Eye or Catfish. I guess I wasn't in a cat mood.

A Random Picture:

People who buy these type of strollers have a special level of Hell waiting for them. A level of Hell where they try to walk somewhere but they can't get through because some big bulky annoying fucking thing is in the way. HEY! There are other people in the fucking store with you! Move your giant ass SUV-sized stroller!

And Finally:
The Grammys came and went and of course, I didn't know a lot of the songs/bands nominated. I did discover one song I heard on the radio that I liked but never knew the name of it. This band performed on the Grammys and it was pretty cool.

This has been Jason's Tuesday Round-Up!

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