Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jason's Tuesday Round-up #1

A lot of other sites/blogs I visit seem to do some weekly round-up of stuff they like and things they've done that don't deserve a full post or whatever. I've had the idea in my head for awhile to do one but after visiting Univarn's site "Life in Equinox" I decided enough is enough and to just man up and do one of my own! It'll probably focus more on b-movies or mainly shit I've done, but when you come to Invasion of the B Movies, what else do you expect?

Some Cool Ass Shit!:
-It's Oscar time, which means the LAMB is all busy with it's "LAMB Devours The Oscars" (That doesn't sound right. I think an "s" doesn't belong somewhere. Whatever.) As usual I volunteered my services to write an essay about one of the awards and instead of Dylan or New LAMBmistress (Seriously Rach, get business cards that say that. You seen "American Psycho" I'm sure, you know how important those are) Rachael running it, Jess from "Insight Into Entertainment" is running it. Jess is cute as fuck and between me and you, she has a thing for me. So of course, she gave me the best award ever to talk about. And you can read my essay about that here!

-When Jorge from StrictlySplatter.com announced the theme for the B-Movie Meatloaf and it was "Japanese Horror", I was like "Fuck yeah! I get to do 'House' finally!" Then I get an email from my friend and podcasting partner Nolahn saying "I'm gonna do 'House'!!" and I said "FUUUUCK!!" So I had to settle for "One Missed Call". But now I'm kinda glad I didn't do it because Nolahn had a hard time putting it into words, and he's better at that shit than I am. Don't believe me? Check it out!

-This past Saturday, I was suppose to appear on The MILFcast but a crazy emergency prevented me from doing it and I had to cancel at the last minute. But somehow "I" still showed up. It's gotta be heard to be believed.

-Do you miss "Lost"? Do you like cliffhangers? Do you like watching one guy play several different characters? Then you should check out Nick's "Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog", which tells an interesting story. And I might have a selfish reason for linking these.

-I wanted to see it anyway, but ABFL REALLY made me want to see "Piranha 3-D" and god damn it, I'm gonna do it soon!

Things I'm GOING To Be Watching:
People who do these weekly recap things tend to mention stuff they already watched. I decided to be different and list a few things I plan on watching. I'll report back if I did or not. Here we go.
-The Venture Brothers Season 3: Disc 1. I fucking love this show and the last episode of Season 2 ended in a cliffhanger of sorts, but I'm sure I figured it out. We'll see if I'm right.
-Stephen King's Cat's Eye. I haven't seen this movie in over 10 years but I remember loving the fuck out of it. Hopefully, my love for it won't change.
-The Bride of Frank. Roller derby is an interesting thing. Not just the sport itself, but being in the audience. There, you meet all sorts of people. I met this dude named Danny at one bout through my future sister-in-law and when he found out what I do, he got excited and told me about all sorts of movies that I've seen. (This was awhile ago so I forget what most of them were.) One movie he seemed to go on and on about was called "The Bride of Frank". He said it was Netflix and I need to see it NOW NOW NOW FUCKING NOW!! So I got it on Netflix, but due to time constrants and the fact Netflix raised their prices, I had to change the number of discs I can have out from 4 to 2. So I had to send "Bride of Frank" back. But not after I did....something...with it. *ahem* So maybe this week I'll get to this as well.
-I'm toying with the idea of watching "Catfish" even though I know the huge twist ending. I'm curious how it all plays out and if I can figure out if it's fake or not. Something tells me it's fake but who knows.

A Random Picture:

-In case you forgot, I'm doing reviews every other week now, so there's no review for this week. Don't be sad! Next week though I'm doing the horribly rushed Roger Corman produced "Fantastic Four" movie from 1994. It should be motherfuckin' epic! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to down some Xanax with this beer.


Jess said...

Of course I love you. And you did a fucking great job with your write-up. Something about now having a responsibility to be awesome comes to mind.

I like the write-up! Gives me some new places to check out.

Nick said...

Thanks for the Vlog plug!

And it's weird... I've seen Piranha already! Just watched it the other night. It seems like a movie you should see before me!

Jason Soto said...

Jess: Thanks!

Nick: I meant to see it in theaters but I never had the time to do it cause it came out right when my job was doing it's "back to school" sale and I was working roughly 200 hours a week. Now it's out on DVD so I'll get to it soon.