Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jason's Weekly Round-Up #3

Wow, I've keep this up for 3 weeks in a row. That's some kind of record from me.

Some Cool-Ass Shit:
-The Reel Insight gals do a weekly podcast where they showcase an actor every week. This week, they focused on one funny motherfucker, named Adam Sandler. People give Adam Sandler a lot of shit cause he's a comedian, and they're mainly from people who don't seem to have a sense of humor or just hate comedies overall. You don't see me bitchin' about how awful Clark Gable or Marilyn Monroe is, do ya? Anyway, check out their episode here. Next episode, you guys need to do Zach Galafinakis.

-So not only am I doing a somewhat successful video/vlog series, I been guest spotting on Nick's "Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorvlog" where I played the villain. The finale was put up this Sunday where EVERYTHING is explained. And there's a shitload of guest stars, some who I "interact" with. Check that out here!

-Another podcast link! This time, it's for The LAMBcast! Me, Dylan, and Nick got together to talk about some Terry Gilliam movies. Twas fun!

-Ever wondered why "Transformers" keeps getting sequels despite it sucking so much Paris Hilton is like "Damn that thing sucks a lot. And I suck a lot. A lot of DICK!" (Yeah, my references are a bit outdated. Leave me alone.) Well, Cracked.com tells us some Hollywood secrets on why movies suck nowadays.

-I posted this video on my Facebook but no one reacted to it for some reason. Ever wonder what female DJ's will be like 50-60 years from now? Check this out!

Things I'm GOING To Watch:
-Speaking of LAMBcast, I gotta watch "This Is Spinal Tap" for a recording this Saturday. So I'll be doing that.
-I'm also gonna be watching "Flash (AH! AHHHHHHH!!) Gordon" this week. Sweet!
-Of course I'll be watching "Deadgirl", for the Twitter Event on Wednesday. I can't wait, honestly! I got some people interested in this one.

-I watched "Vulgar" and it's pretty good. It's like a male version of "The Accused", if written by Kevin Smith. (Kevin Smith didn't write or direct "Vulgar" but he has a small role in the movie cause all of his friends were in this movie.) It's an interesting walk.

A Random Picture:

I was doing a Google Image search for the Random Picture when for fun I thought I'd put my name to see what came. Some pics I posted either on the site or on the blog showed up, along with some stuff from other sites. Then I came across something that I wasn't aware existed. I guess I'll have to give some backstory first.
1. Sebastian appeared on some episodes of "The LAMBcast".
2. I hate "(500) Days of Summer".

That's all the back story you need. I guess "500 Days of Summer" (Fuck putting parentheses in places they don't belong, especially in movie titles) is his favorite movie or something and he got a bit offended when I said, on multiple occasions, how much I hated said movie. Someday I shall talk about ALL the reason why I hate said movie. But for now, let's enjoy a post titled "Jason Soto Can Suck It". It's probably my biggest achievement to date!

And Finally:
If YOU want to tell me to go suck it, email me at thelairunwanted@gmail.com so I can have Nolahn read it on air and make it sound funny. And really, any feedback on The Lair would be appreciated.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the RI shoutout!

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

Honestly, I kind of expected you'd see it before now. Glad to help you on such an achievement.