Friday, April 01, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 1

"Day 01 - A horror film that no one would expect you to love, but you do."

Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with "Deadgirl".

This all started back when I announced I was doing a LiveTweet event on Twitter where I'll be watching this movie. Since it's on Netflix Instant Watch, Nick Jobe said he wanted to watch it so he did. After it was over, he came to me like a tramutized rape victim and said "Dude, this movie is FUCKED UP!" and proceeded to compare it to "Martyrs".

Now, I never officially said here on The Blog but I really didn't like "Martyrs", mainly cause of the ending. (SPOILER FOR MARTYRS) It's mainly 20 minutes of a dude beating the shit out of a woman and THAT'S IT! After five minutes, I was like "Ok, I get the fucking point, move on already!" but no. Then it got even more fucked up and I pretty much vowed to never watch that movie again.

Anyway, since that comparison, plus the subject matter, Nick said he couldn't wait for my LiveTweet event. The night went on. "Deadgirl" is about two guys who find a dead girl in an abandoned hospital, one guy immediately wants to fuck her, it's revealed she's a zombie, and the guy REALLY wants to fuck her. Then it kinda just goes on from there.

Well, despite the fucked up premise, I kinda liked the movie. Not because of the necrophilia going on, but because of the atmosphere and I was curious how this was all going to end. Plus there's a funny moment towards the end before the crazy fucked up ending that makes it worth while.

After I got done with the movie and I revealed I liked it, Nick's opinion of me went down a little bit. That is until a huge life changing event but that's another story for another time.

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