Monday, August 01, 2011

Catching Up With Jason and Invasion of the B-Movies

Wow! July, huh? Man...what a busy month! Boy howdy. And now look! It's August! Which means here in Indianapolis it'll be 2 degrees and 80 feet of snow any minute now! Boy, can't wait!

I've been awfully quiet this past month and I figure I owe you all an explaination on what I been doing exactly. So here is everything I been doing since July 1st:

-Getting pissed off at Netflix and trying to figure out the future of the website.
-Working on a top secret project with a fellow LAMB.
-Watching mediocre comedies, like "Hall Pass". Ok, "Hall Pass" would've been better if it did more. It was like...something was missing the entire time but I couldn't place what. I also think I might've watched the "rated" version. I get the feeling the "unrated" version might be better. Also, it seems like they didn't know what to do with Owen Wilson's character. He's either a typical horn ball guy or a sensitive guy who's only been with one woman his entire life. Make up your mind!! Anyway...mediocre comedies.
-On the 4th, I watched a ton of fireworks from the parking lot of a hospital. Long story.
-Decided to take up pottery, but turns out Demi Moore was busy.
-Had a conversation with Charlie Sheen. That took up half a month.
-Made the mistake of walking past an airport and saying the words "bomb". I had to explain to the F.B.I I was only talking about the "Transformers" movies.
-Trying to memorize ALL the lyrics to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Ok here we go:
"Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned....ummm...." Goddamn it!!
-Trying to get M&M's to melt in my hands.
-Watching every season of "All My Children" before the big series finale. Man, it was CRRRRRAZY in Season 87 when Erica was....oh I shouldn't spoilt it.
-Finding out who the fuck Delroy Lindo is.
-Catching up on Cate Blanchette films. Yeah......
-Trying to find money to donate to the goverment. I found $15.98. That should help!
-Figuring out what the fuck "dougie" is.
-Filling out paperwork to get my face blurred when that episode of "Cops" airs.

So that's about it. Hopefully, August won't be as crazy. Plus it marks the 6th year anniversary of The Site! Yay!


Dylan said...

Delroy Lindo!! Ain't you seen Get Shorty?!? Or the other 325 movies he was in in the 90s? The man's awesome.

Jason Soto said...

Playing catch up, are we Mr. Fields?

No, I haven't seen "Get Shorty" or the other things his IMDB has for him, besides "UP". And I'm guessing that doesn't count.