Thursday, August 25, 2011

So What Gives, Mr. Funny Man?

If you actually pay any attention to me and The Blog and Site, you probably noticed something: I haven't done a review in awhile. So what gives?

Well, I decided to take a short break, work on Episode 1 of "Invasion of the B Movies TV" then plan out how and when I'm gonna review shit. But don't worry! Reviews will be a-comin' in September! Starting with the aforementioned episode of "Invasion of the B Movies TV" which I am excited about.

Until then, I'll give you the answers to the Netflix thing I posted yesterday. A lot of people got them right.

1. A group of men are trapped in a warehouse as they try to figure out who among them is a giant rodent.-Reservior Dogs
2. A man is in disbelief as an ex-girlfriend shows up and he forces a piano player to play a song.-Casablanca
3. A unpopular kid comes across a special bug, who helps him gain popularity.-Spider-man.
4. A writer and his family move into a giant empty house for the winter where both father and son habor deep dark secrets.-The Shining
5. Based on a true story, a man who has never won a fight must win a fight.-Rocky
6. After the drowning of her son, a mother seeks revenge.-Friday the 13th.
7. A truck driver must put aside his personal beliefs and fight ancient mystical beings in a certain part of town.-Big Trouble in Little China
8. A man with amnesia must remember who he is and find out who killed his wife.-Memento
9. After the death of his parents, a man decides to take the law into his own hands.-Batman/Batman Begins
10. A group of aliens comes to Earth and mess things up.-Basically any evil alien movie. Like "Independence Day", "Mars Attack", "Battle: Los Angeles", and yes Nick "Battlefield Earth".

So that was fun, huh? Yep.


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