Monday, August 29, 2011

Invasion of the B Movies TV #1: Murder Weapon

The first episode of my video review series. Two things:
1. I keep saying the name of the movie is "Murder WeaponS" instead of "Weapon". This was a mistake I wasn't aware of until I was editing. I didn't feel like reshooting those parts over, so it's a mistake I can live with.
2. I found out the proper way to say Linnea and I said it the wrong way. So another thing I'll just have to live with.

Also, this is the hardest I've ever worked on a video so I would LOVE some feedback, ANY kind of feedback. PLEASE!

Anyway, here you go. Enjoy!


Nick said...

Nice! Was the movie really that plotless? It felt like I had no idea what happened in the movie by the end of your review.

Your best two jokes (the ones that made me laugh out loud): Angelina Jolie/Danny Bonaduche and the "I'll do it!" *duh-dun!*

Jason Soto said...

100% plotless. It goes from long no-talking opening to 5 minute credit sequence to 10 minute discussion about getting out of the hospital to weird dreams to 5 minute discussions on the side of the pool to introduction of the ex boyfriends to more discussions about who's gonna fuck who then random killings then MORE discussions and finally random killings.

Those probably were my best jokes in the review, so thanks!

JoelB said...

Lotion girl is a deadringer for Traci Lords. I demand that you do a video review of Friday the 13th part 3. Its worth that attention.