Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Netflix Corner #2

Alright! This new feature is getting a lot of love! Awesome!

First, your Instant Watch recommendation.

"Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter", as you probably figured, is one crazy ass movie. And it's pretty much what you think it's about. The world is a vampire and only one Son of God can stop it! Ok, the middle of the movie gets a bit complicated when they throw in lesbians and Mexican wrestlers but it's still a fun movie and I highly recommend it.

And now The Netflix Game! Here are last week's answers and winners

Hard: In order to succeed, a man must re-learn everything he didn't learn the first time around.-Billy Madison
Medium: An unclean cop who loves big weapons must stop a serial killer.-Dirty Harry
Easy: Two guys who hate their job talk about relationships, pop culture, and awful customers.-Clerks


A reminder how it works: I'm gonna give a pretty crappy description of three movies, you have to guess what movie I'm talking about for each. Hard is worth 3 points, medium is 2 points, and easy is 1 point. Here you go.

Hard: A woman makes her relationship complicated when she decides to cheat on her fiancee with a guy he know.
Medium: Three friends are trapped and are unable to escape.
Easy: Two cops must learn to work together in order to stop a bad guy.

That's it. Good luck!


Kev D. said...

JCVH was one of those movies where I went in expecting too much, and in the end, was disappointed.

It's still a fun movie, and it's Canada-ness makes it even more fun for me... but MAN, those fight scenes are stupid.

Dan heaton said...

Easy: Lethal Weapon?

I'll have to think about the others.

SJHoneywell said...

Easy--Every buddy cop movie ever made. I'll randomly select Alien Nation
Medium--Trapped in Paradise
Hard--Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Soto said...

Dan got "Lethal Weapon". The other two are still open.

Nick said...

Hard - The Room

Nick said...

Medium - Red State?

Jason Soto said...

Nick: Yes on "The Room", nope on the other.

Nick said...

Medium - Frozen?

Jason Soto said...

Nick got it with "Frozen"!

Anonymous said...

I do quite enjoy Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. The silliness of the second half is part of what makes it so fun.

The moralizing bit at the end is a bit unnecessary, but other than that, B-movie goodness.