Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Netflix Corner #4

Happy Thanksgiving! I can't think of a better movie recommendation than "Thankskilling"!

It's about a killer turkey...oh you know what? Read my review over at Man, I Love Films.

With that out of the way...

Nick is looking to dominate this game! He's the sole winner of last weeks game, after the Hard option was left unguessed for 24 hours! I didn't think I made it THAT hard. Anyway, here are the scores and answers:


Hard: A series of crazy events occur in Miami.-Big Trouble
Medium: A teenager moves and tries to fit in, until meeting an unusual student and they fall in love.-Twilight
Easy: A group of detectives are invited to a party to solve a case.-Murder By Death

And now this week. Don't forget, I'm looking for a specific movie:

Hard: America declares war on another country after the country does something offensive.
Medium: A guy is called to help save a girl who's acting really strange.
Easy: A group of people must solve a murder that could be one of three solutions.

Hard is worth 3 points, medium 2 points, and easy 1 point.

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!


Nick said...

Hard: South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

Medium: The Exorcist

Easy: Clue

Jason Soto said...

I wish other people would participate in this game.

Nick, you're right on the Hard and Easy. Wrong on Medium.

Nick said...

Medium: The Last Exorcism?

Jason Soto said...

And another clean sweep for Nick. Maybe I should try posting this later in the day... :P

Nick said...

Haha... sorry for being awesome at a game for once. It just has me excited.

Dan Heaton said...

Geeze Nick. I just got to this and it's already over. Nice job! I need to check more I guess. Thankfully, I'll remain on the leaderboard with my one point.