Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Soto List: My Top Ten Favorite Joel Episodes

This being MST3K month here at Invasion of the B Movies, I figured I should list off some of my favorite episodes, but seeing how the show can be divided by who likes which host better, I decided to split them and count down ten of my favorite Joel episodes and ten of my favorite Mike episodes. Naturally, we start off with Joel.

10. Attack of The The Eye Creatures-I just recently rewatched this and I never realized how much fun they had while doing this episode. The movie certainly doesn't deserve to be taken seriously and it's only fitting they don't.

9. The Slime People-A very early episode. They hadn't found their footing yet but this episode is one of my favorite Season 1 episodes. The riffing is good, considering, and if you want a good snapshot on what Season 1 was like, this would be a good episode to watch.

8. Rocket Attack, USA-I was surprised on how much I liked this episode. The movie is very boring but all the riffs had me laughing. This is also a landmark episode: it's the first time they used what's called a "stinger", a short clip featuring a really weird, goofy, or plain funny scene from the movie.

7. Operation Double 007-This is a weird premise for a movie. James Bond's brother, played by Sean Connery's brother in real life, is sent out on a spy mission. I'm only putting this movie on the list cause of this segment:

6. Warrior of the Lost World-DO YOU HAVE ANY FRUIT TO DECLARE?!?

5. The Pod People-Out of all the "E.T" rip-off's, this is probably the dumbest. Featuring an ALF-like alien named Trumpy, a very annoying kid, and a group of rock stars, this is the PERFECT MST3K episode.

4. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians-One of two Christmas MST3K episodes I watch every year (The other coming up in a future post), this is a wacky film but I excuse it cause it's really geared towards kids.

3. Manos: The Hands of Fate-Calling this a favorite is like calling the Yadda, Yadda, Yadda episode of "Seinfeld" a favorite but you have to give it up to them, they had to watch this movie 7 or 8 times. I could only stomach it once without the riffing.

2. Mitchell-Joel's last episode. He made sure to go out with a bang and considering this film stars Joe Don Baker, what a bang.

1. Teenagers From Outer Space-This episode makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Especially when they have characters singing classic rock songs. It's a great episode and a perfect movie for them.

So those are my favorite Joel episodes. A Mike one will be coming sometime next week. And yes, I promise I'll get to my reviews of "The Green Slime" and "Laserblast" before the month is over. Promise.

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