Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A TV Horror Show?! WHA??

I know people have been camping out by their computers, just WAITING to see what I have to say about the FX show "American Horror Story". Well, sorry to keep you waiting, I was behind a bit. The day it debuted, I forgot about it and missed the first episode. So I had to wait for all the episodes to repeat to catch up. Now that I'm caught up, I can finally talk about this show.

Oh and spoilers if you're not caught up or haven't seen any episode but plan on it later. This post will be right here waiting for you when you do catch up.

With that said...

I love the fact the teenager Tate did a Columbine before there was a Columbine. He's like a deadly hipster. Of course there's that whole thing of him not remembering doing that, which I wonder what that's all about. Does he really not remember killing those kids or is he just pretending? And what's up with the whole "he doesn't know he's a ghost thing, so we need your help to send him to the other side" thing?

Did anyone else think the bitchy old lady next door was also a ghost? I did for the longest time. Hell, I'm still convinced she is.

How come the bitchy old lady's daughter isn't running around being a ghost? Can you only be a ghost in this house? Well, that's not true cause those kids Tate shot died at school and they showed up. Maybe she didn't wanna roam around as a ghost is the only thing I got.

My favorite part has to be the maid and how she changes her look, depending on who's looking at her. When she's the hot young chick, she says all these strange things in a sexual innuendo type way, but you gotta keep in mind, she's ALSO this old lady. It's all very strange.

What THE FUCK is up with that gimp dude?

I'm starting to have a problem with how much weird shit is going on this show. I don't know how many quirks they're gonna give Jessica Lange's character but NOW she had a deformed son that was chained up in the attic? What's next, a two-headed dog? I hope it stops there otherwise the show's gonna end up being goofy for no reason.

Overall, it is a great show. Unlike "Lost" when they present something, they actually explain it right away, but leave a few small things unexplained (like gimp dude, or the baby being twins). I hope this show doesn't end up like "The Walking Dead" and slow down or get too full of itself. It's perfect the way it is and I hope it continues the path it's going down now.


Robert said...

Liking both American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.

AHS seriously has a case of WTF overload though. But it's creepy so I'm there.

J Mello said...

I am liking it. Love being surprised by something new and different. I am hoping for a new family moving in every year!