Friday, January 20, 2012

B-Fest 2012: The Anticipation

After what felt like years, the people of B-Fest has FINALLY announced the movies we'll be suffering watching next week. Below are the trailers and my thoughts before going into the fest:

Best of the Best

Oh my god, this is what's gonna start the fest? It's like "Bloodsport" meets "Enter The Dragon" meets "Rocky 4". Holy fuck!

Astro Zombies

If you show a toy robot TWICE you don't give me much faith in your film. But hey John Carradine AND Wendell Corey! Can't beat that!

To Catch A Yeti

I can't find a trailer but.....holy fuck this looks awful!

Every year they show "Plan 9" at midnight. But after that we get:

The Avenging Disco Godfather

Oh man. More Rudy Ray Moore goodness. PUT YOUR WEIGHT ON IT!

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

This is the movie that's gonna be played right smack dab in the middle of the night so people can try to get some sleep. They picked an interesting movie. I happen to love this movie for all it's badness, but I know some people hate it. By this point, I'll probably be out of my mind so who knows what effect it'll have on me.

Tarkan vs The Vikings

I dunno why I'm having a hard time finding trailers. That doesn't bode well with me. Anyway, I just heard about this movie so I'm glad I'll get to watch this finally.

Mutant Hunt

...what? ...WHAT??...WHAT?!?!?!?!

The Brain From Planet Arous

I actually seen this my first year at B-Fest. This is gonna be played around 7AM so maybe I'll catch some shut eye here.

Stunt Rock

Wow, this looks amazing. I love when movies try to combine action AND rock music! It always fails!



Werewolf In A Girls Dormitory

Eh, typical stuff. I'm probably gonna start losing interest around this point and want to go home. But also be too stubborn to leave early.

Ok so here I have a problem. The lineup on their site says the next movie is called "Galaxy InvaderS" but the only movie I know, and that I can find, with that title is simply called "Galaxy Invader" singular. I'm hoping it is "Invader" cause that's one fun bad movie, let me tell you.

Godzilla vs The Sea Monster

This was on MST3K and they always end on a Godzilla/giant monster movie. I'm telling you now that I'll be so so far gone to even care at this point.

Anyway, that's it. These are the movies I'll be sitting through next Friday night all the way into next Saturday night! I don't know if any of my readers will be there but if so, look out for me! And watch out! Or something.


Nolahn said...

This is a quality line-up -- I'm so jealous.

We expect a full report upon your return. A FULL report.

Kev D. said...

SOLID lineup.

Best of the Best and Roadhouse are interesting but FANTASTIC choices.

Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory is definitely where a lot of people will fall asleep / contemplate eating their own hands.

Dylan said...

That looks like some fun shit. I can't believe I never saw Best of the Best. I need to remedy that eventually.

Hey, To Catch a Yeti has that one creepy guy from the 80s/90s that I love so much. He was in The Last Boy Scout notably, as well as that ep of Seinfeld where he played a hairdresser. Taylor Negron is his name, iirc.

YES I AM READING THIS! Though I'm not sure how I feel about Roadhouse being considered a B-movie. ;) Seriously, though, it's borderline, but I don't think I'd put it in. Too well-known.