Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Netflix Corner #10

Today's Netflix Instant Watch recommendation came to me as a surprise. I loved this movie when I was a kid, but it's really hard to track down on DVD. I'm talking about:

Since most people probably aren't familiar, the movie is about a kid who realizes his parents are cannibals, and they're feeding the kid human meat. It's kind of a fucked up story, but you should still check it out.

Onto The Netflix Game! For the first time, three different people got three answers! Here are the scores:

Dan, Steve-7

And here are last week's answers:

Hard: A guy sets out to make a movie about another guy, but that guy decides to make a movie about him instead.-Exit Through The Gift Shop
Medium: A married couple has some unexpected guests in their house and need the help of a strange guy to get rid of them.-Beetlejuice
Easy: Kinda like "Hamlet" but set in a jungle-The Lion King

And here's this week's puzzle:
Hard: This guy really hates his girlfriend's ex-boyfriends.
Medium: Some girl must save her boyfriend in three different ways.
Easy: A teenager goes looking for a baby and some weird stuff happens.

That's it. Good luck to everybody!


Joanna Chlebus said...

#3 is Labryinth!

Joanna Chlebus said...

Oh! is #2 Run Lola Run?

Jason Soto said...

I'm assuming you mean "easy" and "medium". If so, then yes! You are correct on both! Man, that was fast!
And welcome to the score board!

Joanna Chlebus said...

Oh, yup, easy and medium :)
Thanks dude! I kind of love both of those flicks (esp Labyrinth, or as my college friends call it: David Bowie's Magical Package). :D

Dan Heaton said...

Hard is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!

Jason Soto said...

Dan: You are correct! Jeez, this was the fastest game ever, next to all the times Nick guessed all three in one shot. Congratulations!

SJHoneywell said...

Damn. I knew all of these, too. And now that I'm essentially in class when you post these until the end of March, I can foresee sticking at 7 points for a long time.