Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Lair of the Unwanted #28: Nolahn's Big Birthday Bash By Birds

In this bird-tastic episode of "The Lair of the Unwanted", Nolahn takes control of the hosting seat in honor of his 27th birthday! (Jason is still fuzzy on the math.) After talking about the awesome Binnie Awards and a future blog-a-thon, they talk about the awesomely awful "Bird-emic: Shock and Terror" and we get a Lair first!

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SJHoneywell said...

Love hearing you guys go into the merits of filming pumpkin festivals. For the record, the town just north of mine does have a massive pumpkin festival every fall complete with carving display and huge parade. Ah, small town life!

Christ...I'm going to end up watching this thing. I just know it.