Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Initiation of Sarah

As I was writing my review of "The Initiation", I kept seeing "The Initiation of Sarah" popping up everywhere, even getting more info about that film. After doing a little digging, I saw the cast AND saw it was on Netflix Instant and said "What the fuck, why not?" I mean, it features Morgan Fairchild, Shelly Winters, AND Robert Hays.

Y'know, what's with "initiation" films starring people who are famous for being in spoof films?

Anyway, I'm just gonna come out and say right away that "The Initiation of Sarah" is a COMPLETE RIP OFF of "Carrie". I mean, down to me assigning characters from one movie to another. Don't believe me? Here's the story.

I'd like to Initiate THAT Sarah, if you get my meaning!
The film starts with two sisters named Patty (the popular one) and Sarah (the not-so-popular one) about to go to college. It's revealed that Sarah is adopted and Patty's mother belonged to a stuck up sorority. I apologize for never remembering the names of the sororities, it's all Greek to me.

(Ow, don't hit.)

Anyway, some guy who refused to have a light shine on him picks up on Patty and is about to pretty much rape her right there on a beach but Sarah stares at the guy and suddenly he can't swim. Welp, I can't imagine where THIS is going to go.

Everyone but Sarah keeps thinking Sarah will get accepted in the Bitchy Sorority, which is run by Morgan Fairchild and her nipples. They love Patty but refuse to let Sarah in. When they go to the sorority next door, which is run by the nice "hey whatever, man" group of girls, THEY love Sarah but don't like Patty. So naturally, it takes FOR FUCKING EVER to have them go where they fit in.

The instant Patty is accepted, Morgan Fairchild makes Patty make fun of Sarah and the sorority she got accepted in, which makes Sarah angry. Uh oh, you wouldn't like her when she's angry. Like when Robert Hays and a group of guys are lifting a piano by rope for no real reason except to cause "excitement" when Sarah causes it to come crashing down.

Sarah meets her new roommates, including Mouse, a girl who acts and even looks EXACTLY like Sarah. And then there's their house mother, Mrs. Hunter, played by Shelly Winters. Mrs. Hunter is...a bit off. And not because she's played by Shelly Winters. And this god damn movie makes you think SHE'S Sarah's real mother during a scene where they talk about her but that never goes anywhere. Jeez, movie, why'd you bring it up to begin with?

So if you've seen "Carrie", then you know how the middle part of the movie plays out. Morgan Fairchild makes fun of Sarah and her sorority. Sarah starts falling in love with a teacher who looks like Paul Rudd. Mrs. Parker wants Sarah to use her powers for EVIL!!!! to get revenge on Morgan Fairchild because...uh...something about someone dying and...I don't know it's kinda convoluted in this part. We just keep waiting for Sarah to cause evil shit to happen with her mind.

Well, we are now at my favorite scene. Sarah spots Morgan Fairchild walking with her sorority sisters and of course she needs to stand near this pond that's kinda out of place in this college. And while Morgan Fairchild berates Sarah and then Mouse, Sarah psychically PUSHES Morgan Fairchild into the pond. And that bitch goes FLYING! Oh man, it's not on Youtube. You fail me!

Morgan Fairchild wants revenge so she tricks Robert Hays to invite Carrie, er, Sarah on a date. Well, I can't imagine they'd rip off the "pigs blood" scene.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Really??

And then we see Shelly Winters give Sarah a sponge bath?!?!?!

My brain hurts.

So Mrs. Hunter goads Sarah into trying to kill Morgan Fairchild and somehow Sarah knows Morgan Fairchild is in the shower and causes the shower to go crazy and burn her. But Sarah stops before any real damage is done. When Patty finds out what happened to Sarah, she quits the bitchy sorority. Probably just in time cause now it's time for the REAL crazy shit to happen.

The GOOD sorority hasn't had an Initiation process in 20 years but now that Psychic Sarah is here, Mrs. Hunter wants to do it again. It's REALLY some devil worshipping sacrifice thing where Mrs. Parker was gonna sacrifice Mouse to Satan while Sarah kills Morgan Fairchild. But all that ends up happening is Sarah causes Morgan Fairchild to age roughly 10 years, find out about Mouse, and then fights Mrs. Parker, which results in both of them burning to death.

I'm surprised there wasn't a scene where Sarah's hand burst out of the burnt rubble. Anyway, that's "The Initiation of Carrie, er, Sarah".

It's a rather slow moving film. There wasn't enough psychic powers, but when shit got crazy, it got crazy. Unfortunately, it was few and far in between and it really isn't worth your time watching this movie. If you want to see Morgan Fairchild's nipples, try Google.



Ardeth Blood said...

The remake is only slightly better, which was done in 2007 if I remember right. And Morgan Fairchild plays the mother in the remake.

Stumbled on your blog from LAMB

Jason Soto said...

Yeah, I saw there was a remake while doing research for this one and that it starred a lot of CW stars or whatever. I'll have to check it out at some point.

And welcome, Ardeth! Feel free to look around. It's nice here, I promise.